More on Flat Rate Plans

The flat rate plans are live on the website.

The flat rate plans are limited to uncontested dissolutions and child support modifications.

All other cases are billed on an hourly basis. There are a couple of differences between flat rate plans and cases that are billed on an hourly basis:

  • Flat rate plans are locked in for legal services. As long as the services fall within the scope of the flat rate plan (the scope is given to the client in detail), the client will not be charged further for legal services.
  • The amount paid for legal services under a flat rate plan is not deposited into my trust account. The legal services are considered my property immediately, although if my services are terminated before the conclusion of a case, a portion may or may not be considered refundable.
  • I generally charge a higher advance deposit for cases that are charged on anhourly basis because there is a very low level of predictability for how much work will be required.
  • Advance deposits for hourly cases are deposited into my trust account and paid to me as services are rendered. Any unearned portion of the advance deposit is refundable.