New Website Design

I’ve been intending to overhaul this website for quite awhile.  After poking around looking for inspiration, I decided to go with WordPress after seeing the great new theme created at Headway Themes.

I’ve used the free version of WordPress and based on that experience I knew it was a very user-friendly content management system.  Once I saw the bells and whistles available at Headway Themes, I was sold.    I wanted a website that I could easily update (both in content and design) and I am very happy with the initial results.

There is a lot more tinkering to be done with the overall layout/design and some new pages to add.  In the to-do bucket presently:

  • A page of online resources for family law in Washington and family law litigants in Spokane County.
  • An article focused on Spokane County for folks who want general information about the family law help available locally which will include:
    • Location of statutes and court rules.
    • An online child support calculator.
    • A list of mediators.
    • Where to find the forms you need.

Those are just a few of the ideas I have percolating around in my head to make this website not only a marketing tool for my practice, but also an online resource for self-help seekers and my own clients.