Online Scheduling

I am trying out an online scheduling application so that new and existing clients can book appointments online.  There are links placed all over the website and special spot on the navigation bar to choose from.   For those reading this post, appointments can be booked online here or here.

If I get a positive response to the scheduling system, it will remain a permanent option.

Because my schedule changes on a daily basis to accommodate deadlines and court hearings, online scheduling is available 14 days in advance.

All of the information is secure and no one can “see” the details on the calendar.  In order to maintain security, individual accounts must be created by the client and I will confirm the appointments after they are scheduled online.

As always, you can contact my office by phone at (509) 252-9156 for scheduling.  However, I wanted to include an extra service for folks who want the flexibility of planning their schedules or maybe find it easier to schedule online.