Wildlife Visits the Office

A quailToday just before lunch I was alerted to a Cute overload moment happening right outside our building. A male quail was “sitting” on the concrete just outside the front door enjoying a shady spot. I managed to get a shot of him with my camera phone through the glass.

I knew the minute I opened the door he’d vanish. Sure enough, as soon the door opened he got up and started running away.

Then I noticed a female quail just off to the right (in even more shade) resting on her belly just like her male companion. I was worried because she didn’t get up right away and her feathers were ruffled. I thought maybe she was sick.

quailbabiesblurWell, just as I had that thought she got up and a swarm of baby quail came flying out from underneath the ruffled feathers. Unfortunately, it happened so quickly all I could get was a very blurry photo.

It appears we have a very robust quail family living at 1309 West Dean Avenue.