Change in Seasons, Change in Statutes

Autumn came to Spokane literally overnight.  One day I was sweating in my suit as I walked over to the court house and the next day I was shivering in my boots.  Autumn is, in fact, my favorite season, but a little warning would’ve been appreciated!

My personal goal for October is to get to Green Bluff for the Apple Festival.  I have to map out a Friday to accomplish this task because Green Bluff has gotten so (deservedly) popular that it’s a chaotic traffic mess on the Saturdays.

Meanwhile, I need to sit down and write a post about the new child support statutes that went into effect on October 1, 2009.  These new statutes are long-awaited and make some much needed changes to the economic table as well as to the medical support provisions.  I worked with the new child support order form last night and was fascinated at the amount of changes incorporated into the form.

There is also some important new legislation pertaining to deployed military members that I need to digest.  I’ll add those statutes to the pile of blog posts that need drafted.