Family Law in Pop Culture – 12/20/09

I’ve decided it would be fun to put together a blog containing  family law related pop culture links every weekend.  So, here’s what I hope will be the debut of a new weekly blog feature.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorced (surprisingly, it appears they actually reached agreed terms).

Supposedly Tiger Woods wife, Erin Nordegren is attorney. shopping For those who may be interested, here is the Avvo information for Mr. Sorrell Trope (the attorney referenced in the story).

Frances Bean Cobain is the subject of a guardianship granted to her grandmother and aunt.

LeAnn Rimes’ husband files for divorce in Los Angeles.

Obligatory Disclaimer (because I’m a lawyer and I have an obsessive need to do this):  These links are collected from gossip sites and “news” (quote/unquote) sites and actual news sites – in other words, read these links with a grain of salt.