New Street Address

First, the important point of this post, my new street address which is: 1312 North Monroe Street, Spokane, Washington 99201.  My phone, fax and e-mail address remain the same.

I tried to find a clever, sage quote referencing going back to the beginning or returning to all where it all started, but a fast (and lazy) Google search was unsatisfactory.  For those who go back with me a couple of years, this new address will look a little familiar.  I am returning to my old stomping grounds where it all started in Pat Fannin’s gorgeous historic building outfitted for Spokane Virtual Offices.

I had a couple of motivating forces going on behind this decision.  First and foremost is quality of service at this location.  The reception is staffed full time and the conferences rooms are grand.  Secondly, I tend to telecommute whenever possible and I never gave up the exceptional phone service offered by Spokane Virtual Offices – even when I physically moved myself to a different location for a little over a year.

It’s a lot of fun being back “home” and I look forward to seeing all of my clients at the new/old digs.