Scheduling An Appointment Online

I often forget to let existing clients know about online booking.  Some of my clients booked their initial consultation with me using my online scheduling service.    This is also a great tool for existing clients.  I’ve recently added the function to the firm’s Facebook page. Scheduling can also be accomplished via this website navigating to the Schedule Online page.

Here is a walk-thru of the process using both Facebook and the Website.

On Facebook, click on the “Schedule Now” on the left menu.


The scheduling page will open up with a pull down menu to select “Initial Consultation” or “Existing Client”.


Once a service is selected, links to available time slots show up on the calendar.  Click on the selected time and you will be asked to fill out your name, phone number, and email contact information (once you use this system, you will be entered as a “contact” and less information is required each time).


The process is similar for scheduling through this website.  Again, the user must choose between “Initial Consultation” or “Existing Client”


Once the service is selected, the schedule will show available time slots.


No matter which service is used for online scheduling, the user’s identifying information will not display on the calendar.  My pre-existing appointments and court appearances are blocked off for scheduling, but all details are kept hidden.

I hope clients find online scheduling useful.  I know that I personally appreciate the ability to make my own appointments online – particularly since I can do so when at anytime of the day without having to interrupt my work hours.


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