Spokane County Document Viewer for Case Activity and Hearing Dates

Today I stumbled over a new online resource for the Spokane County Courts.  Using the document viewer online, the docket listing the documents filed in the matter and upcoming/past court dates can be accessed by searching a party’s name or case number.  For example, here is the link to look up a Superior Court Case by name.

Through various committees and individual efforts, the Spokane County Bar is providing ongoing input to the local courts to encourage movement towards electronic filing and online document access.  One of the biggest challenges is protecting the case documents filed under seal (identifying information, medical records, etc.) . From the sudden appearance of this new method of local case searches, it appears the groundwork is in place for eventual online access.  Online access to the actual case documents in the future will be a huge resource not only for attorneys, but for self-represented litigants.



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