Client Reviews

Tamara Murray

Tamara is a great attorney and I would definately recommend her to anyone needing a family law attorney. She is always available by e-mail and responds promptly. In my situation Tamara worked very hard to resolve the many issues in my divorce- always keeping me informed and considering the best interests of me and my child. She is very professional and easy to work with. I never felt like I was in the dark or getting the run-around. Tamara also has a great reputation with other laywers and Judges which made me feel comfortable. If I ever needed a family attorney again I would definately use her again!

- (5 star review)

Put My Mind at Ease

Tamara’s help put my mind at ease during a very stressfull time in my life.

- (5 star review)

Who says that lawyers don’t have a heart?

Tamara worked with me in a very contentious divorce settlement. She did an excellent job in every way. She is organized, meticulous, and above all, calm. She did her best to deal with issues in a fair and organized manner, while being aware of, and trying to keep a lid on, the emotions involved in a typical divorce case.
The case ended well, for both myself and my ex-wife, I believe.
Bottom line is – Tamara gave me excellent, and professional service. I would recommend her without reservation.
She has my respect, and my thanks.

- (5 star review)

Talk about peace of mind

So, i’ve had the pleasure to work with Tamara for a few years now, off and on regarding a very different style of case. Started with a divorce, child custody, and parenting plan, and a change to parenting plan.

During all the hard times of this mess, Tamara stayed well orgnized, and kept me well informed. She acted not only as an attorney, but as an advocate, and a friend. Tamara did not blow things out of proportion, or give false hope regarding any aspect. She had her paperwork always well in order, and never skipped a beat.

The one thing that stands about most about her is the way she handels herself and stands her ground on behalf of her clients. She will not back down from what is right, and always keep you at ease. As wierd as it may sound, during my darkest hour, she never strayed. She stayed the course, and eventually got us through what looked like a point of no return. Awesome does not even come close to describing Tamara. She’s all around a rock star!

- (5 star review)