Practice Areas

Ms. Murray’s family law practice typically includes the following case types:

Child Support Modification

Child support modifications, on their face, appear to be fairly straightforward. However, there are many subtle issues underlying a simple support modification. Tamara keeps abreast of current case law and pending legislation affecting the area of child support modifications. A typical child support modification involves two wage earners, however in a wage-earner scenario, issues will arise such as health insurance deductions, tax exemptions, split custody, shared residential schedules, pre-tax deductions, extracurricular expenses, military pay, and overtime.
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Dissolution of Marriage – Uncontested

A dissolution of marriage is one of the most difficult experiences for a client and often a client's first exposure to the court system. Tamara has experience involving a broad range of issues that occur in a dissolution action including, spousal support for both short and long term marriages, child support, complex property and financial issues, including family farmland and military families.
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