Practice Areas

Ms. Murray’s family law practice typically includes the following case types:

Child Support Modification

Child support modifications, on their face, appear to be fairly straightforward. However, there are many subtle issues underlying a simple support modification. Tamara keeps abreast of current case law and pending legislation affecting the area of child support modifications. A typical child support modification involves two wage earners, however in a wage-earner scenario, issues will arise such as health insurance deductions, tax exemptions, split custody, shared residential schedules, pre-tax deductions, extracurricular expenses, military pay, and overtime.
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Dissolution of Marriage (Contested or Uncontested)

A dissolution of marriage is one of the most difficult experiences for a client and often a client's first exposure to the court system. Tamara has experience involving a broad range of issues that occur in a dissolution action including, spousal support for both short and long term marriages, child support, complex property and financial issues, including family farmland and military families.
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Interstate Child Custody

The area of interstate custody is a complex, statutory area in which Tamara has broad experience. Tamara's experience includes custody orders arising out of California, South Carolina, Oregon and the Midwestern area of the United States. Tamara also has experience in retrieving children wrongfully removed from a parent in another state to gain the children's safe return to the custodial parent.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plan litigation is far and above the most stressful form of litigation for a client. Tamara takes advantage of all the tools available including psychologists, alternative dispute resolution and parenting classes. Oftentimes, the most important pretrial motion a client will face is the motion setting the first temporary schedule for the children. Again, preparation and client education is key to success in formulating a parenting plan which works best for the client and the children.
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Simple Wills and Probate

Tamara has recently added Simple Wills and Probate as a practice area. Simple Wills packages include a health care directive and durable powers of attorney. This practice area often overlaps into family law and services also include prenuptial and community property agreements.
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