Most cases are accepted on an hourly billing basis.  Tamara’s current hourly rate is $200.00 per hour and is billed in increments of 1/10th of an hour.  Upon case acceptance an advance deposit is required.  The amount of the advance deposit applicable to the case is set at the initial consultation.

Flat Rate Plans are available for uncontested dissolutions.

The Flat Rate Plans consist of two components:  Legal Services and Cost Deposit. The amounts listed for the Cost Deposit are estimates because they may be higher or lower depending on your situation (the filing fee required by the Court, whether or not you require a process server, multiple attempts by the process server, service by publication, skip tracing, and so forth).  If there is an unused portion of the cost deposit, it is fully refundable.

Uncontested Dissolution (No Children) – $1,000.00
Legal Services:  $720.00
Cost Deposit:  $280.00 (If process server is required, an additional charge may apply)

Uncontested Dissolution (Children) – $1,780.00
Legal Services:  $1,500.00
Cost Deposit:  $280.00

A flat rate plan is not appropriate in all cases.   The flat rates posted on this site are not a guarantee that your case will be appropriate for a flat rate.  The Murray Law Firm, P.S. reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not an hourly rate is more suitable depending on the circumstances.