Rate Information-Unbundled Services

Uncontested Full Dissolution of Marriage Package

(Full representation as attorney of record in your uncontested dissolution)

  • With children:  $2,000.00 – includes court filing fee of $314.00.
  • Without children:  $1,250.00 – includes court filing fee of $314.00

(Note, if your case involves complex financial or property issues, the above fees may be increased to accommodate additional information-gathering and documentation).

 “Ala Carte” Uncontested Dissolution

(Document preparation and procedural instructions The attorney does not enter an appearance with the Court as your attorney of record and the individual client is responsible for filing their paperwork, obtaining the other party’s signatures, complying with all court deadlines, and entering final orders.  The following rates do not include the court’s filing fee.)

  • With children:              $800.00
  • Without children:         $600.00

“Pay As You Go” Unbundled Legal Services

The following services are performed by the attorney for the individual client.  The client remains self-represented (in other words, the attorney does not enter an appearance with the Court).  In most instances, as a practical matter, these services are limited to Spokane and Lincoln County:

  • Document preparation (pleadings, motions, declarations for upcoming hearings, etc.).  As each client’s needs/issues vary, these services are quoted at the time of your free consultation.
    • Usually the cost ranges between $250 to $500 and includes the attorney’s review of pertinent documents in your court file prior to preparing your document(s).
  • Coaching individual client for an upcoming hearing or mediation.

(See rates for extended consultations – 30 minutes or one hour consultations available).

  • Court appearance (oral presentation of your case to the Court).
    • Attorney will enter a limited notice of appearance in your action for purposes of arguing the hearing on your behalf.  Attorney’s services conclude at the end of the hearing and does not include post-hearing matters such as revision, reconsideration or vacation of the order.  Fees for oral argument are quoted after your consultation and review of your court file.  Typically the fee for the attorney to argue a motion hearing ranges from $750.00 to $1,000.00 depending on the complexity of the issues involved.
  • Mediation Coaching
  • Mediation Attendance
    • Attorney will enter a limited notice of appearance in your action for purposes of attending mediation with the client.  Mediation times vary dependent on the mediator and the individual client’s budget.  Mediation attendance requires a minimum payment of $400.00 in advance to the attorney for up to 2.5 hours of mediation attendance.